Fayruz El-Hashem

Deadly assassin from the West


A professional assassin known only to have come from somewhere in the Northwestern reaches of Tere Archaea, Fayruz El-Hashem has recently found work with Elaheh Sherazi, a young noblewoman of significant means who seems set on exploring beyond the Manawall. In this capacity, she was largely (and some might say solely) responsible for the team’s victory in the Queen’s contest, displaying a ruthless efficiency and a loyalty to Sherazi that seems to extend beyond mere money and contracts. Though she is cold and detached while performing her chosen occupation, those who become close to Fayruz discover that she is surprisingly personable, with a kind, somewhat browbeaten personality and a love for small animals and other cute things. It is this last trait that has endeared her to Sherazi’s other employee, a clerk and falconer known as Eura Vartinian, and the two have become fast friends under her employ.


Fayruz El-Hashem

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