Priya Exteberria

Disgraced lady of the bow


Once a powerful and wealthy noble, Priya Exteberria was driven from her high position by politics, scandal, and greed, forced into the streets and reduced to little more than a common urchin. After several years of scraping out a living in the lowest tier of Tor Anasta, Exteberria met and subsequently fell in with the famous rogue Durk Daggerhash, the first person in many years to treat her like a dignified human being. Together, they saw much success, Exteberria discovering a strong talent with the bow, and rising to the position of lieutenant to Durk himself in his band of brigands. The captain of thieves seems to display genuine affection toward her, often commenting that she would have risen high in the ranks of the Bow Corps and become a celebrated immortal, so it’s a good thing that he got to her first. For Exteberria’s part, she is fiercely loyal to Durk and, despite a dry sense of humor and tendency to complain, follows him without pause on his many escapades across Tere Archaea.


Priya Exteberria

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