Tanith Delphine Ariaramnes ibn-Zehir

Advisor on Matters Mystical and Arcane


Languid, measured, and haughty, Tanith is a woman whose great physical beauty inspires a sort of tortured awe. Her piercing eyes, her curves, her flawless skin, all create the image less of a goddess of love and more a demon of temptation, whose casual cruelty is written plainly across her features. Still, her presence is a commanding one, and despite radiating an aura of predatory malice, she has a way with others that borders on the hypnotic. She is never without her fine clothes and jewelry, and the earthy, floral scent of opium is her constant companion.

Level 2
Class: Summoner
Age: 21
Hair: Long, elaborate, purple-black
Eyes: Violet
Height: 5’7"
Weight: 130 lbs.
Appearance: 9
Primary Skills: Occult, Magical Appraisal
Secondary Skills: Intimidate, Leadership, Persuasion, Style

DP: 700
LP: 120
Presence: 35

Strength: 5 (0)
Dexterity: 7 (5)
Agility: 8 (10)
Constitution: 8 (10)
Intelligence: 10 (15)
Power: 11 (20)
Willpower: 10 (15)
Perception: 9 (10)

Zeon: 500
MA: 10 (50)
Summon: 100
Control: 95
Bind: 94
Banish: 94

Dodge: 35

DR: 45
MR: 55
PhR: 45
VR: 45
PsR: 50

-Aptitude in a Field (Social)
-Mystical Armor
-Natural Armor
-Pain/Fatigue Immune

-Subtract 2 from Strength
-Addiction (opium)
-Deep Sleeper


Tanith Delphine Ariaramnes ibn-Zehir

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